Iceland Arrival

A funny thing happened during the last ten days traveling from Boise, Idaho to New York City, to Iceland: Iceland was never the coldest place. Boise was below freezing and experiencing flurries of snow when we boarded the plane and New York City was hit with a foot or so of snow the day before we landed on the return voyage with lows in the 20s. In the middle was Iceland, the reason for the trip, and a new experience for us. A quick note to anyone looking to make the trek: while airfare can be found almost remarkably cheap, the comparatively high prices (compared even to NYC) on island for food, alcohol, and gas are something to be aware of, but more on that in future posts.

We had arranged prior to the trip to do some photography work for Lagoon Car Rental. They gave us a diesel Toyota Rav4 for our stay. In the States it seems that the only diesel cars I see with any regularity are the Volkswagen variety and then full-size pickup trucks, but in Iceland it seems that diesel cars and crossovers are a normal appearance. The rental came with studded tires, which proved handy in the soft muds, ice, snow, and ash that we ended up driving on. We came across a number of Land Rovers and raised Mercedes vans with monstrous looking balloon tires, but we found no need for such extremes.

Our flight landed just after 4am. We had a long day ahead of us trying to adjust for the time difference and getting out to our accommodations at Hestheimer horse farm. They have a number of small cabins and guest houses as well as a main hotel building, all overlooking the rolling hills and horse farms of the region. Once our things were settled we headed out for an afternoon of sightseeing.

All opinions are my own. Thank you to Lagoon Car Rental for sponsoring this adventure!

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